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Dance Health

Support for people living with a range of conditions, their carers & health professionals

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Our rigorously researched dance health programmes provide wellbeing support to people living with neurological conditions, long Covid and health professionals.

Dance health removes the stigma of being a patient and lifts them to a place beyond expectations of themselves, as a dancer.This brings significant confidence, wellbeing and the ability to express themselves and to enable their own recovery.

Dr. Dave Caesar – Senior Strategic Advisor, Health Workforce Directorate, Scottish Government

What do we do?

We work with experienced dance education professionals who are specialists in dance health and we have a full-time dedicated dance health team.

Find out more about our innovative programmes below.

Neurological Conditions

On Demand

Social Prescribing

Scottish Ballet’s approach to social prescribing aligns with Scottish Government’s ‘Realistic Medicine’ approach, acknowledging that there are many circumstances where a non-medical intervention may deliver better outcomes with less risk. We are proud to be partnering with the Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland to explore pathways that seek to place our dance health neurological programmes into mainstream health and social care settings.