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A teacher in a blue Scottish Ballet teacher mirrors the wrists together pose of a seated person in front of them.

We have put together a series of three 10-minute films and two 12-minute audio recordings specially designed for people with reduced mobility to move together with their companions or carers. As with all SB Health resources, people can also enjoy them on their own.

What can I expect?

The films and audio recordings are in two parts: watch Scottish Ballet perform or listen to an audio described performance before being invited to move your body gently to music.   

The movements can be done safely by those in bed, at the bedside or seated – in care homes, hospitals or at home.

These resources have been created for people living with neurological conditions but can be used by anyone with reduced mobility.

How do I take part?

Both film and audio resources can be watched or listened to online at the links below.

The films are also available as a DVD or a download. Please email to request a copy.

We are delighted to work in partnership with Scottish Ballet and care homes on this very exciting project which will not only support physical activity but also promote wellbeing and help people do what matters to them the most.

Pooja Gupta, AHP CAPA Lead – Care Home Collaborative

The creation of SB Duet was funded and supported by The Health and Social Care Alliance (ALLIANCE),  and trusts and patrons of Scottish Ballet.