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A smiling seated person claps her hands, surrounded by other members of a dance class.

Are you experiencing symptoms of long Covid? Our free long Covid support programme aims to promote wellbeing and help you to self-manage your symptoms.

What can I expect?

We’ve listened to people living with long Covid and medical professionals to design the programme. It helps posture, alignment and body confidence and its creative elements address your whole being – supporting you to reconnect with your body and improve wellbeing.

Long Covid support made possible by Scottish Ballet’s trusts, patrons and foundation supporters.

How can I take part?

The programme consists of short ‘on demand’ resources to do in your own time. These resources are specially designed for you to take part in at home.


[These classes have been] an utter delight for me. It’s been so lovely to see friendly faces on the screen and be led in gentle movements and visualisations, accompanied by live music (with the option to have voice only). I would recommend these classes to others with Long Covid. It’s a little bit of joy in what can otherwise be a hard slog.’


More Information

This programme draws on Scottish Ballet’s 10 years’ experience of designing and delivering dance health programmes for people living with neurological conditions and people who have experienced trauma.

Scottish Ballet’s Health Team realises the benefits of a multi-condition approach, recognising that individuals experiencing long Covid are living with different combinations of symptoms.

These resources do not replace medical interventions, but positively complement the clinical care that may have been provided to you throughout your unique lived experience of long Covid.

Before taking part, you will first be asked to answer a questionnaire to evaluate the suitability of the resources for your individual experience of the condition and you may require a sign-off by a health professional before taking part. You will be asked to create an account for health & safety purposes.