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A close up of the legs of teacher in a blue Scottish Ballet t-shirt demonstrates flexing one foot, which people holding onto the ballet barre mirror.

Dance health research

To develop and evaluate our dance health programmes and practice, we work closely with academics, health professionals and people with lived experience across Scotland and beyond.

Our research methods and reports are becoming increasingly significant with requests to present findings at international events, conferences and journals. In 2020, we formed the SB Health Research Committee working with senior staff from Health Improvement Scotland (HIS), clinicians, people with lived experience and professionals from leading academic institutions. The committee promotes collaboration and brokers connections with health professionals and researchers working in clinical or social research, supporting Scottish Ballet to commission, design and disseminate its dance health research and encourage translation of research into practice.

Multiple Sclerosis

Research paper carried out on SB Elevate® programme in 2020 by Dr. Bethany Whiteside and Claire Ruckert.

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Research paper carried out on the Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland programme in 2017 by Dr. Bethany Whiteside.

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Evaluation of Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland and the national expansion of the programme 2018 – 2021, carried out by Dr. Bethany Whiteside and Emma Smith.

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Research paper carried out on the Time to Dance® programme in 2021 by Dr. Bethany Whiteside.

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