EDJI Arts Founder, Rey Dosaj, has been working with the company’s leaders to work through a series of pledges designed to address racism and racist systems within the performing arts specifically. The 50 pledges target recruitment, wellbeing and leadership that support global majority colleagues across all Scottish Ballet teams. That includes making sure dancers are provided with skin tone appropriate ballet shoes, specialist care and expertise in styling different hair-types along with new skills and knowledge for lighting different skin-tones.

It also includes making sure reports of racism are reviewed by a qualified, experienced panel with a minimum of 50% of members with a lived experience of racism. This year, Catherine launched the Reporting Racism function, a ‘completely anonymous online reporting system for anyone wishing to express a concern based on discrimination.’

In the last 12 months, 109 Scottish Ballet company members, including Board members, leaders, staff and dancers have engaged in a continuing programme of anti-racism training.