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Vision and values

Our artistic vision: bold, adventurous performances rooted in strong classical technique.

It’s how we started and it’s how we’ll grow. Led by CEO and Artistic Director Christopher Hampson CBE, our desire to explore new styles and push creativity is as alive as ever. We’ll continue to work with ground-breaking choreographers such as Jess and Morgs, Dickson Mbi, David Dawson, Helen Pickett, Crystal Pite, Sophie Laplane and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.

Our creative vision goes beyond choreography. From dance films in cinemas and on digital platforms to new ideas that engage our audiences, we’re finding new ways to share the power of dance to as many people as possible.

We are here to present ballet at its best. We are passionate about live music and tour with an orchestra whenever we can. We present classics in new ways and we work with the finest dance makers. Throughout it all, we strive for excellence.

Scottish Ballet is about more than just today’s performance. We want to create ballet that makes a lasting impact, develops dance as an art form and improves the lives of future generations.

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We are dedicated to supporting the arts and communities in Scotland

Scottish Ballet nurtures the talent of tomorrow; supporting dancers, choreographers and a wide range of artists. Our goal: to inspire excellence and creativity in everyone and bring dance to people we haven’t reached before.

Our Next Generation Campaign is focused on just this, bringing in new voices, transforming how we work and what audiences will see on stage – transcending styles and breathing new life into Scottish Ballet.

Everybody is welcome. We want to bring the joy and benefits of dance to everyone regardless of age, ability and background. Our engagement programme promotes confidence, fosters well-being and encourages creativity in all by delivering inspirational programmes tailored to the needs of each group.

Developing the Art of Dance

We’ve raised the standard of professional training in Scotland to support the future of ballet – and dance more generally.

Our Associate Programme inspires young dancers to go beyond the limits of a regular dance class and aim for the top levels of their art.

Our BA Modern Ballet degree, delivered in partnership with the Royal Conservatoire Scotland, gives aspiring professional dancers access to world-class training here in Scotland.

Our MMus (Piano for Dance) degree, is the only course of its kind in the world. Also accredited by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, it combines professional teaching with practical training and prepares graduate pianists for a career in the world of professional dance.

Our support for dancers continues long after they hang up their pointe shoes. Whether they want to progress into teaching, choreography, or another related role, we’re on hand to support their professional transition.

An Open Stage

Our participation programmes are open to all ages and abilities – from those who want to have fun, to those who dream of being a principal dancer. These aren’t just regular dance classes, they’re created especially for the groups we deliver them to. Some even have live music.

Our project The Close introduced many at-risk young people (aged 11-18) to dance and music for the first time. We worked closely with professionals and educators to develop the programme – and proved that the arts has the power to bring about positive behaviour changes.

We work with people living with Parkinson’s or dementia through bespoke programmes. Our goal is to impact participants’ well-being positively, so we focus on concerns such as balance, flexibility, coordination, social isolation and depression.