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Three dancers on stage with warm lighting. One dancer in the middle is being embraced by the other two.

Scottish Ballet and YDance offer young choreographers a chance to explore and develop their creative voices in Hothouse.

Hothouse is a choreographic training programme for ages 14 – 21 delivered by YDance in partnership with Scottish Ballet. The programme is designed to inspire the next generation of choreographers by allowing them to discover, experiment and develop their creative ideas and own unique style in their own short piece of choreography. Most recently these new choreographic works were performed at Tramway as part of  YDance’s  Project Y Evolution project.


What will I gain by taking part in Hothouse?

  • You will develop your own choreographic skills, knowledge and understanding of choreography.
  • You will develop your own unique movement language and ways of working with a range of stimuli.
  • You will develop your leadership skills and confidence as a choreographer, and you’ll have access to positive role models within the industry to support your development journey.
  • Your choreography will be performed publicly.
  • You will also have the opportunity to be a dancer in the public performance of the other Hothouse pieces.


Hothouse 2024

Hothouse 2024 will take place in two phases:

In phase one, participants will focus on developing their choreographic skills, knowledge, and unique movement through creative workshops and discussions. Daners will also have the opportunity to watch the Project Y Evolution performance at the Tramway Theatre on 13 July, 2024.

In phase two, during a week-long intensive in October 2024, participants will engage in the project as either dancers or choreographers, which will enable them to foster collaboration and artistic growth throughout the five days.

All pieces will be performed at a sharing on Friday, 18 October, 2024, at Tramway to celebrate the culmination of creativity. Throughout the Hothouse intensive, YDance and Scottish Ballet will collaborate with GMAC Film’s CashBack Programme, which will produce a short documentary covering the choreographers’ experience and process over the week.



Phase One

18th and 19th May – Hothouse in person workshops

12th and 13th July – Hothouse in person workshops and attendance at Project Y Evolution performance

Phase Two

August – 1st online mentor sessions TBC

September – 2nd online mentor sessions TBC

14th-18th October – Week intensive

Please note that online mentoring sessions will be scheduled between mentors and choreographers

Location: Scottish Ballet studios, Tramway, Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

How to apply?

Visit the YDance website to apply


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