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Hybrid Classes - FAQ

Join in-person or online

Hybrid Classes offer participants the choice of either attending a class in-person or online.

Since March 2020, SB Health has been developing its digital programme, offering participant dancers a range of ways to engage that best support their needs. We want to make sure that anyone living with MS or Parkinson’s can have access to a class, regardless of their physical location or how they are feeling on a particular day. This also offers greater flexibility and choice for individuals.

In early 2023 we began exploring this option, running trial hybrid classes with participants. Their feedback has been incredibly important, and we are grateful to everyone who supported us throughout the process.

We have put together some frequently asked questions below, but do not hesitate to contact us at if you need to.



The delivery team will consist of a lead artist, two support artists, a musician and an online ‘host’.

If you are joining in-person, the studio will look slightly different but your class will remain the same. The far end of the studio will be used for one of the support artists to demonstrate to the people at home and there will be a large television screen showing everyone joining in online.

If you are joining online, the screen will have two views: one showing the whole studio, and the other showing our online support artist who will demonstrate the moves specially for you. The person leading the class will be visible in the studio shot. As always, the class will feature beautiful acoustic music, played live in the studio.



You are welcome to join the hybrid classes at any point. You do not need to attend from the beginning of each block of classes and you do not need to be able to join every class.



In-person: fees will remain £5 per class, with companions attending for free, payable upfront for the full block. You will also have the option to join online, as and when you need.

Online: fees will be £4 per class, per household, payable upfront for the full block. This option does not include in-person access to classes.



In person: There will be a social café after each Elevate class and before each Dance for Parkinson’s class where drinks and snacks will be served.

Online: There will be a 15-minute welcome and ‘café’ before and after the class.



In-person: the class will be run as usual by a fully-trained delivery team with the support of our Scottish Ballet volunteers.

Online: the online support artist will adapt the exercises to make sure that they are safe to do in your space. Our online host will keep an eye on everyone and can be easily contacted via the ‘chat’ box should you have a problem. If the host is concerned about you they will try to contact you.  If they cannot get in touch with you, they will call your emergency contact.


Need to know more?

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