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A dancer in a patchwork costume smiles and stretches their arms out to the side

The Shimmering Extraordinary (film)


The Shimmering Extraordinary, created by Emmy Award-nominated director Fx Goby, is a collaboration between Scottish Ballet and Nexus Studios.

Commissioned as part of our Safe to Be Me™ Festival 2021, a digital festival of dance that celebrates diversity, the films are inspired by the programme’s themes of acceptance, identity, and respect. 

Bringing together artists from various backgrounds, the six short films focus on the stories of six individual dancers; Annie Edwards, Hayaat Zahra Shah, Madeline Squire, Mukeni Nel, Nikita Gold and Saul Nash.

The films put the lens on each person’s journey and practice, giving voice to their story and how dance and movement has become their way of expressing and communicating themselves. 

Each shines a light on the strength and resilience of overcoming obstacles, to feel proud and empowered in who we are.  

Using movement as a tool to discuss and explore intersectionality, the films and the festival celebrate dance as a universal language; a way to celebrate and communicate oneself. 

Scottish Ballet premiere: 2021 (World Premiere)

Director: Fx Goby
Produced by Nexus Studios
Director of Photography: Ricky Patel
Music: Dolce







Watch all of the films with Audio Description.