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Forming (film)


Forming features two dancers from Scottish Ballet’s Elevate® – a programme of dance classes for people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – alongside a professional Scottish Ballet dancer – Marge Hendrick.

Forming examines the experience of living with a neurological condition and what people don’t see; the minute struggles and frustration inherent when the body will not obey the mind.

A faceless, genderless body moves in tiny motions; twisting, twitching, stretching; transforming into curious, intimate shapes – surreal but also beautiful.

Forming was developed from the artwork by Chloe Rosser. Members of Scottish Ballet’s Dance Health team supported the production to ensure the wellbeing of dancers living with MS throughout the process.

Co-directors: Chloe Rosser & Eve McConnachie
Movement Director: Madeline Squire
Music: Dolce/Carlo Ascrizzi
Director of Photography: Caroline Bridges
Developed from artwork by Chloe Rosser