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A group of dancers out of focus against a bright blue background.

Dive (film)


‘I have written my name on the far side of the sky.’ Yves Klein 

Sophie Laplane partnered with James Bonas (The Crucible) and film director Oscar Sansom to create Dive, a short film inspired by French artist Yves Klein and what has become the world’s most famous shade of blue. 

Choreographer and Co-creator: Sophie Laplane
Co-creator: James Bonas
Director: Oscar Sansom
Music: Schubert, Walter Wanderley, Lucy Allan 

Awards: Jury Prize, Best Film – Cinedans 2022. Official Selection – Venice Biennale 2021.


A work of collaborative genius, milking the best elements of dance film for all they’re worth, Dive once again positions Scottish Ballet as a force to be reckoned with in this field.’  

The Scotsman

A brilliant film from Scottish Ballet … 10 minutes of dance that’s funny, surreal, surprising and bursting with ideas.’ 

The Guardian