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Featuring Sophie Laplane’s trademark quirky style, Dextera is a tour de force of creative ideas, set to the music of Mozart. It is an ode to creators and their hands, paying tribute to an artistic vision that often involves hard physical graft. 

‘It was a commission for Scottish Ballet’s 50th Anniversary so I wanted to create something celebratory. When I thought about how to celebrate SB, the company’s extraordinary creativity came to mind. From there, as I knew I would be working with the SB orchestra, I knew I wanted to use Mozart’s music and the range of emotions I would be able to cover. I was loosely inspired by the Pygmalion myth and the idea that once the creation has been made it takes on a life of its own – a bit like choreography.’ – Sophie Laplane 

Last performed: Dextera was last performed in spring 2019. For current productions, visit our What’s On page.

Scottish Ballet premiere: Spring 2019 (World Premiere)

Choreography: Sophie Laplane
Design: Elin Steele
Music: Moxart


‘A complete joy’ 

The Scotsman


‘A stunning new work from an emerging choreographer to be watched

Wee Review


‘Woke, fun and funny

The List


‘Utterly delightful

The Telegraph