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Outside of the Scottish Ballet building, covered in gold and silver striped metal

Our Green Action Plan

As Scotland’s national dance company and as a touring ballet organisation, we recognise that we must play our part in tackling the global climate crisis by reducing the impact we have on the environment. We know where we are, and we know where we want to be.


Our target is to be a net zero ballet company by 2030.

Scottish Ballet will continue to entertain audiences in Scotland and across the world, on screen and on stage, and enrich the lives of those communities we engage with — without our work costing the earth.

Touring is part of who we are, whether we are reaching rural communities or representing Scotland on the international stage, but we will do this with our green action plan and carbon neutral ambitions at the heart of our operating model. It requires a combined effort, and we are ready for that challenge.

To achieve our ambitious goal of reaching net zero by 2030, we will ask our people to lead by example, to be responsible global citizens. We are working to improve the efficiency of energy use at our home in Glasgow, and to secure a partner that can meaningfully offset the impact of our touring. We will ask for support and alignment from our stakeholders and partners as we know we cannot achieve this on our own.

We will actively share our plans and ambitions with our audiences and communities, holding ourselves accountable by regularly updating on our progress, and providing opportunities for making greener choices as well as seeking feedback.

This is a statement of intent. The Green Action Plan will be embedded into our overall business strategy for the next five years to ensure we turn this ambition into action.