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Chief Executive Officer/Artistic Director
Christopher Hampson

Executive Director
Steven Roth


Director of Dance & Artistic Development
Oliver Rydout

Rehearsal Director
Sandrine Cassini

Rehearsal Assistant/P-Med Lead
Tamarin Stott

Rehearsal Assistant/Artistic Lead
James Barton

Artistic Co-ordinator
Matthew Broadbent

Music & Orchestral Services Manager
John Davidson

Company Pianist
Brian Prentice

Resident Choreographer
Sophie Laplane

Associate Choreographer
Nicholas Shoesmith

Artist in Residence, Photographer
Rimbaud Patron


Director of Organisational Culture & Engagement
Catherine Cassidy

Engagement Creative Director
Sara Kemal

Special Programmes Manager
Miki Lee Dale

Engagement Producer
Lorna Murray

Engagement Producer
Chi Kabaso

Engagement Officer
Taylor Han

Senior Dance Health Manager
Lisa Sinclair

Dance Health Programme Manager
Tiffany Stott

Health Partnership Manager
Hannah McIlveen

Health Artist
Danielle Tyrer

Engagement Operations Manager
Helen Coughtrie

Engagement Co-ordinator
Jo Di Lieto

Engagement Co-ordinator
Miriam Doren

Head of Associate Programme
Kerry Livingstone

Associate Programme Co-ordinator
Anne Stephen


Director of Partnerships
Kirsten Cockburn

Partnerships & Events Manager
Yvonne Halliday

Partnerships Account Manager
Olivia Khan Hood

Director of Philanthropy
Antonia Brownlee

Senior Philanthropy Manager
Lucinda Keith

Philanthropy Officer
Hilda de Groot

Senior Copywriter
Sarah Potter

Alison Thomson

Advancement & Events Officer
Olivia Calder

Administration Assistant – Advancement
Phoebe Elliott-Avouris


Director of Brand, Audience & Digital
Robert Murray

Senior Producer
Tony Currie

Digital Producer
Caitlin McKenna

Press & Communications Manager
Niall Walker

Press & Communications Officer
Kirsty MacIntyre

Communications Officer
Letitia Lam

Senior Membership & CRM Manager
Shiona Walker

Membership & CRM Officer
Eilidh Wardrop

Database Manager
Hayley Spindler

Marketing Officer
Cameron Somers

Brand Creative Lead
Eve McConnachie

Graphic Designer
Rachele Dunn


Finance & Operations Director
Neil MacIver

Executive Assistant to the CEO/Artistic Director
Laura Keceyapan

Executive Administrator
Julie Shepherd

Management Accountant
Angelique MacDonald

Finance Officer
Laura Coburn

Finance & IT Officer
Brian Hill

Building Operations Officer
Tomas Uruba

Kira Johnstone


Head of People & Wellbeing
Louise Devlin

People and Wellbeing Officer
Katie Boyle

Company Manager
Matthew O’Hare

Head of Performance Medicine
Martin Lanfear

Company Chiropractor
Fraser Johnstone

Company Physiotherapist
Rachel Hendrie

Gyrotonics/Ballet Instructor
Kate Menzies

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bobby Beattie

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Zara Lipsey

Renee McGregor

Medical Advisor
Dr. Nicky Keay


Technical Director
Matt Strachan

Head of Stage
Darren Wilson

Production Manager
Stuart Leech

Technical Operations Co-ordinator
Rachel Morgan

Swing Technician
Stevie Winning

Deputy Chief Electrician
Iain Levee

Deputy Electrician
Kieran Kenning

Stage Manager
Zoe Hayward

Deputy Stage Manager
Beth Rennie

Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah MacDonald

Head of Wardrobe
Mary Mullen

Wardrobe Technician
Rhona Anderson