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Answers: General

How can I audition to become a dancer with Scottish Ballet?

If you are a dancer and are interested in joining Scottish Ballet, then keep an eye out for any forthcoming details of auditions, which will be posted on the website in the Auditions Section. The Company holds auditions in Glasgow usually every two years for various levels and the auditions are open to all dancers who are members of EU member states.

You can also send a CV to Scottish Ballet, Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE.


How will I know when any vacancies within the Company come up?

As with the dancer vacancies, any artistic or administration vacancy will be posted on the website in the Careers Section.


How do I contact a member of the Company, or someone who used to be a member of the Company?

If you want to pass a message on to a member of the Company, then contact us and we will forward it on to the relevant person.


How do I find out about casting?

We post the casting information, as soon as it is available as a news story and post the full information to the minisite for the relevant production.


I would like to purchase some Scottish Ballet merchandise. How do I go about doing so?

Our online shop is currently closed. During this time we continue to sell our programmes and a selection of merchandise while on tour in the venues across Scotland.


How do I find out about forthcoming productions?

We post all information regarding forthcoming productions in the What’s On section.


My child is interested in a career in dance. What should they do?

Scottish Ballet runs an acclaimed Associate Programme that offers young people the opportunity to appreciate the training being undertaken by professional dancers. Entry to the scheme is by audition only. More information can be found on our Associates page.


I am interested in doing work experience with Scottish Ballet. Who should I contact?

If you are interested in doing work experience, please contact us stating in which area you would like to gain experience and we will pass it on to the relevant department.

Answers: Performance

Where should I choose to sit?

The ticket price for Scottish Ballet’s productions vary according to where the seats are located. Everyone has their own preferred place to sit, however the Dress Circle (first level up) is usually the most expensive as it offers the best view of the stage. The Stalls tend to be mid-priced and suit those who like to see close-up details, especially nearer the front of the stalls. The further back you go, the more you see of the whole stage and also usually a better view of the dancers’ feet as most theatres have their Stalls seats on a slight raise. As a result, the prices of the different parts of the Stalls vary. The Upper Circle (the level above the Dress Circle) also offers a good view of the whole stage and are also mid-priced. The Balcony seats tend to be the cheapest as the view is usually restricted in some way but it is a good way of seeing a top-class production on a budget.


What should I wear?

Whatever you like! Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wear evening dress to attend the ballet and you will see many people in jeans and trainers.


Where do I collect my tickets?

If you opted to collect your tickets at the theatre, they will be ready for collection at the pre-paid desk or window at the venue. Please remember to bring along the credit or debit card you used to pay for the tickets. Note that most venues now email you a pdf of your tickets 2-4 weeks in advance. If you have not received your tickets 24-hours before your performance please contact the venue Box Office directly quoting your order number.


When should I arrive?

Ideally, you should arrive about 30 minutes before the performance is due to commence, especially if you need to collect your tickets, as there is often a large queue. This will also give you plenty of time to purchase a programme, order interval drinks or use the cloakroom. The time stated on the tickets is the time that the performance will actually start so make sure that you are seated before this. If you arrive once the performance has already begun, often you will not be allowed into the auditorium until a suitable break or interval so as not to distract the dancers.


Can I eat or drink in the theatre?

Most venues have a fully licensed bar. If you want a drink in the interval, it is recommended that you order them before the start of the performance by filling in one of the forms available at the bar. This way, you will avoid the queues. As glass is not permitted in the auditorium, you will need to decant anything you want to take back to your seats into one of the plastic cups provided at the bar. Most venues also provide snacks, such as ice-cream in the intervals both in and around the auditorium.